The Plane Story by Kevin Sacco

The Plane Story
by Kevin Sacco
IDW, 2011

The well-structured (mostly) true story of Sacco and his father, told in flashbacks-within-flashbacks, with each story strand distinguished by a slightly different drawing style – sepia, black and white, pencil, and (for modern day) full colour. The panels are large and friendly, although the computer text is sometimes badly integrated – there’s too much white space around many of the captions and an orphaned speech bubble tail on one page.

The story is interesting, although (as you might expect with something featuring the ad industry) a trifle pleased with itself – in the ’70s Sacco gets his big break at an ad agency and his black co-worker freezes him out, until he discovers that his father initiated an influential integrated ad campaign back in the day… and then they dance! And he’s introduced to soul food! And encouraged to apply to an ad agency which doesn’t employ black people… so he can change it from the inside!

Anyway, it’s interesting to speculate what Will Eisner would’ve done with this material. It probably would be a lot less nice, although the first 69 pages (his father’s story) are quite thrilling.


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  1. Kevin Sacco Says:

    Thankyou for reviewing The Plane Story- Kevin Sacco

  2. Great JOb SAC you Rock. Eisner is good but your GREAT. YOur gestures and drawing skills are not behind Eisner at all. I count you equals. It might smack of partiality to call you better which I do believe you are, Screw partiality.~T

  3. You’re welcome, Kevin and slightly overexcited friend of Kevin.

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