The rest of this cartoon is rather complicated

Disclaimer: I have a lot of respect for Bomber. New Zealand does not look kindly on those who express strong opinions. Although he’s over-fond of phrases like “sleepy hobbits” he’s a necessary counter-balance to some of the ludicrous things happening in this country at the moment.

He was also responsible, when editor of Craccum in 1995, for pirating Brunswick cartoons and expanding my readership exponentially. Banning him from Radio New Zealand makes them look like twerps and will not affect his volume one decibel.


2 Responses to “The rest of this cartoon is rather complicated”

  1. He wasn’t banned though. Only Martyn said he was banned. He has not been invited back to that show. Huge difference.

  2. Technically a huge difference, but with the same result. I haven’t been invited back to Radio NZ since accidentally calling Bryan Crump “Barry”.

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