The energy drink for when you’ve run out of other colours

Blue V Guarana Energy Drink

Let’s see… yellow? No, we tried that with that rather nasty Lemon V. Red? Berry. Green? Well, it’s supposed to be green anyway, isn’t it? Time to try… Blue!

The first thing that strikes you about this pleasant-tasting entry in the V range is that it’s the same colour as wee-wee. B-vitamin strong yellow wee. The second is the slightly desperate ad copy:

BLUE can be a type of berry, bird, a movie, or a state of mind. In this case it’s the label …and a mysterious flavour. So what does BLUE taste like? You tell us.

I suppose it’s a positive thing that V are taking a more Zen approach to their product, but has anyone under the age of forty even heard of a “blue” movie? Also, aren’t you traditionally supposed to do this type of market research before the product’s been released?


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