Nasalized vowels

I re-wrote this cartoon completely – twice. First version:

JAIMEE: (to Tony & Debbie) I was walking home on Sunday night and behind every window you could see a giant green square!
TONY: Hang on – why weren’t you actually watching the game?
JAIMEE: (self-righteously) I was reading up on the Rena situation.
JAIMEE: Then I visited Occupy Wellington in Civic Square, popped into the Diwali Bollywood dance competition. and went for gelato.
DEBBIE: Communist.

Second version:

JAIMEE: (to Debbie) It’s like it vanished overnight! The turf’s gone from Civic Square, the tourists gone from the streets, the gleam of avarice gone from the short-term rental market… I can’t believe it’s all over!
DEBBIE: Except for the final.
JAIMEE: The what now?

The third version mentions none of these things.


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