Shelly Bay Artists

Shelly Bay Artists
18th-23rd October 2011
Thistle Hall

I went with Anita to the launch of this exhibition today. From the title it’s probably no great spoiler to reveal that it features the work of several artists from Shelly Bay. I was there to see Carlos Wedde, who has produced a series of paintings on large white blocks of wood in delicate blue paint – from a distance they look like china. He’s also fashioned a giant illuminated concrete egg, and a set of bull heads moulded in resin, which sold quickly.

I was also struck by the work of Basia Smolnicki, who has printed numerous woodcuts featuring stylized characters and animals, and in the same manner sandblasted figures onto mirrors and elegant metal trays. The gallery was packed with wellwishers and cheesehounds, and I watched with horror as a departing woman with a large red handbag pushed past Carlos’s egg, and obliviously scraped a long red line across his finest painting.

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