An attempt to unskew results instead of skewing them. Yeah…

Oh, look… Capital Times has an online readers poll in which you can mention which sections you read, including Jitterati. Shame Jitterati’s not on the list in the print version. If only there was somewhere on the form (say, question #8) which you could write what you like most about Capital Times.

If only, if only.

3 Responses to “An attempt to unskew results instead of skewing them. Yeah…”

  1. Rhinocrates Says:

    Done. Made some curmudgeonly comments. Badly written survey, with redundant questions, leading questions and one so broad as to be meaningless: “If Capital Times is not your primary source of information, what is?” Face/palm. Also, they don’t realise that “regularly” need not fall between ‘occasionally” and “frequently” and could mean “once every millennium”.

  2. One for the H. Westfold file!

  3. Rhinocrates Says:

    Ha! A complaint that I made was their pandering to HW for his supposed shock value (I don’t even find him amusing or even pathetic… because calculated attempts to shock by editors send me into intense spasms of apathy).

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