I’m spending this month writing my long-delayed graphic novel script, using National Novel Writing Month as an excuse. The aim is to pump out 50,000 words of unpolished prose in thirty days. I managed just over 1700 words this evening, although this stuff has been sloshing around in my head for so long I could write it in my sleep (and sometimes do).

There’s a bunch of encouraging local social events I should try and attend, although I’ve found writers to not be the friendliest people socially (especially when you tell them that you’re a cartoonist), and I think the regulars know each other pretty well. Graphic novel scripts don’t fit easily into the criteria for NaNoWriMo (technically I should’ve waited until April’s Script Frenzy) but I think I can make it to 50,000 words even though I imagine the finished work will only have about 15,000-20,000 words in it… after editing, that’s about the right length.

There’s a large forum (with 98,000 members online right now, and it’s 7am EST!) but to find other people writing graphic novels I had to go a few levels down to where it gets less reputable, away from the busy fields of steampunk dystopias and vampire fanfiction.

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