Hopeless Savages: Greatest Hits 2000-2010 by Jen Van Meter et al.

Hopeless Savages: Greatest Hits 2000-2010
by Jen Van Meter et al.
Oni Press, 2010

A welcome compilation of the Hopless Savages series, the story of a happily anarchic family headed by a famous punk couple, kind of like Outrageous Fortune but with a better soundtrack. Their four offspring hold authority in utter contempt and are constantly being bullied because of their famous parents, and although their characterization is thin (except for Zero, the youngest daughter who is a splendid neologist) it’s a positive portrayal of an unconventional family unit.

Of the many artists recruited for this project over the years, probably the one who best defined its look was Chynna Clugston Flores, famous for Blue Monday, but there’s significant contributions from Scott Pilgrim’s Bryan Lee O’Malley. It’s something of an indie comics supergroup project circa 2000, infused with a dollop of that ol’ Tank Girl spirit, and it’s dated quite well – the only thing that grates is father Dirk Hopeless’ awful cockney accent, laced with plenty of cries of “Bollocks!” American writers never get that quite right, do they?


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