Little Nothings #4 by Lewis Trondheim

Little Nothings: My Shadow in the Distance
by Lewis Trondheim
Comicslit, 2011

Little Nothings is usually one of the most gratifying blog comics around, with Trondheim’s gorgeous watercolours and his self-deprecating observations as he details his life as a slightly grumpy French cartoonist, drawn, for reasons known only to himself, as a bald-headed eagle.

Unfortunately, like the classic third album written while touring the songs from the second album which were left off the first album, by this stage in his career he travels extensively, so most of the book is concerned with wrestling with hotel plumbing, forgetting to pack his game console on long flights, and travelling to places he doesn’t really want to go to. Even when he’s on holiday with his family, he still travels.

There isn’t as much of the amusing introspection which characterized the previous books, and although he has an amazing (and hard-earned) lifestyle, as implied by the title, his character is gradually becoming distant and less relatable.


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