No sign of Capital Times today, but because it’s printed up north, it’s very likely it was affected by that big power cut the other day. Anyway, the online version has been updated, except for the cover.

I went to the first NZSO Close Encounters of the Symphonic Kind concert with Anita this evening for some classical music 101… it was very entertaining, although some of the grandchildren in the audience visibly squirmed when Chief Executive Peter Walls carefully explained each movement prior to the performance. I also didn’t like the way he apologized for using “technical language” like arpeggios… it’s not his fault music appreciation isn’t taught in NZ schools.

There were very few people in the full Town Hall audience between the ages of 12 and 60, and I spent much of The Magic Flute overture watching the antics of a tiny girl across the balcony from me who had been enchanted for the first fifteen minutes, then grew bored and querulous, then took to pirouetting tenaciously in the aisle to Mozart while her mother died of embarrassment. Bless.

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