Alternative Jitteratis for this week

JAIMEE: What did you learn this year, Tony?
TONY: Absolutely nothing. I intend to make the same mistakes next year and assume that someone else will pay for them further down the line. I’m going to put off hard decisions, ignore every warning sign, and pander to the rich on the assumption that whatever’s good for them is good for the rest of the country.
JAIMEE: Well, I admire your candour.
TONY: Did you know that poor people are just lazy?

(G.B. Trudeau put this much better in Doonesbury (from memory) with a panel showing Reagan exclaiming “See? I knew poverty was anecdotal!”)

JAIMEE: You know, I must be the only person in Wellington who hasn’t seen The Adventures of Tintin yet.
TONY: But it doesn’t come out until next week!
JAIMEE: Yes, yes, but what with all the Weta screenings and the sneak previews and the internet, it was almost impossible to avoid it!
(Jaimee contemplates this for a panel)
JAIMEE: I could have worse problems.

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