The drink for when you feel like 3000 ORAC units

Ti Tonics: Blueberry, Grapeseed & White Tea

A pleasant blueberry drink which is 92% spring water, with “natural cane sugar” the next listed ingredient, which isn’t very encouraging. It’s certainly very sweet. The big health draw is 3000 ORAC units, which it claims is equivalent to “5 plus servings of fruit or vegetables”.

It turns out an ORAC is not a ground-up LOTR villain or the supercomputer from Blakes 7, but stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, a way of measuring antioxidant strengths. Wikipedia has a handy entry on ORACs which inconveniently points out “the relationship between ORAC values and a health benefit has not been established” and they “cannot currently be interpreted as relevant to human diets or biology.” Ouch!

Instead of the “THIS WILL MAKE YOU A BIG STRONG MANLY MAN” approach of many energy drinks, the packaging blurb appeals to your love of science with numbers and two footnotes*, and a reproduction of the signature of the founder, who is a doctor. Of health psychology. Of course.

*Unfortunately one of them isn’t “the science around ORACs is a bit iffy, so don’t drink one of these as a substitute for five servings of fruit and vegetables”.

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