Life with Mr. Dangerous by Paul Hornschemeier

Life with Mr. Dangerous
by Paul Hornschemeier
Villard, 2011

The approximate intersection of Clowes’s Ghost World and Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan, but for once that’s not a bad thing.

Amy Breis has just turned 26 and dumped her unpleasant boyfriend. She dislikes her undemanding retail job and pines for her friend Michael, who lives in San Francisco. She’s also oddly obsessed with Mr. Dangerous, one of those cult shows like Ren & Stimpy which works on several baffling levels. Scenes from this show run throughout the book and penetrate her dreams.

It could be just another quarter-life crisis story about a lost soul with a barrette in her hair who thinks she’s too fat and talks to her cat, but Hornschemeir’s stately pacing, elegant book design and occasional injections of pure weirdness result in a satisfying story, which has appeared on many Best Of lists for this year.

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