Zombies Vs. Robots: Undercity by Chris Ryall & Mark Torres

Zombies Vs. Robots: Undercity
by Chris Ryall & Mark Torres
IDW, 2011

Entertainingly bonkers, published in an oversized format with gorgeous artwork, and part of the rather complicated “Infestation” crossover between all the IDW titles, none of which I follow, but you can get the general idea. It involves a large comics company, a failing industry, and the need for a gimmick.

Sometimes after reading a graphic novel I’ll look up further details about it and then wish I hadn’t… I really enjoyed this book, but now I know that the great artwork is meant to imitate that of Ashley Wood, and Chris Ryall’s hagiographic Wikipedia entry is a prime example of their “multiple issues” tag warning. Oh well.

This is still very fine mainstream comics publishing, with creative page layouts and a gleefully nihilistic streak – after society is cancelled on account of zombies, a hundred survivors huddle in a sumptuous underground city built in case of doomsday.

There’s a few problems, though – the handpicked representatives of the human race are kind of arrogant dicks (especially the Germans), a rogue priest has sent down a squad of GodBots to kill them all, and there appears to be some sort of Moloch civilization under the city attacking them. Oh, and inevitably someone’s brought the zombie infection with them.

Lots of fun.

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