The Grave Doug Freshley by Josh Hechiner & mpMann

The Grave Doug Freshley
by Josh Hechiner & mpMann
Archaia, 2011

No, that’s not a typo, comic book artists are now allowed to have daft pseudonyms just like rappers and DJs. Rancher and teacher Douglas Freshley is shot dead while trying to defend the house of his friend and employer, and his need to protect his pupil Bat is so strong he jes’ plain refuses to die.

This naturally results in the undead Freshley and Bat tracking down the gang who killed Bat’s parents, and a confrontation with a Lee Van Cleef-ized Grim Reaper.

This rather silly book is a lot of fun, despite the sometimes sketchy artwork and rough Photoshop colouring of the first chapter. The characters are extremely laconic and masters of understatement (any Firefly fan will know what I mean) and they quickly accept Freshley’s situation and just get on with life, which is the best attitude under the circumstances.


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