The strongest energy drink in the world, apparently


Intriguing, this one. Advertised as “the world’s strongest energy drink” and expensive at $5 for a 250ml can, Ammo is a berry-flavoured drink with a strong, slightly unpleasant aftertaste. If you drink it from the can, it gives you an unnerving red Joker smile. It contains 80mg of caffeine (about the same as a can of Red Bull or V) and originally contained BZP – but Coke used to contain 9mg of cocaine, so there!

I’m not sure in what sense it’s the “strongest” energy drink – maybe it’s the 605 kilojoules of energy, 10g of panthothenic acid, or 1200mg of glucuronolactone? To its credit, apart from the “world’s strongest” claim, the ad copy isn’t too belligerent, apart from claiming that it “will make other energy drinks seem like a weak cup of tea”. And the (legally unenforceable) R18 rating. And the demand that it be served ice cold. And the name. And the bullet holes printed on the packaging. Oh, dear…


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