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  1. Rhinocrates Says:

    Have to say that I’m really uncomfortable about this. There’s a huge sentimental reaction by people who did nothing… perhaps partially motivated by the fact that they felt that they could do nothing?

    On one level, there is really nothing that they could have done…

    On another, there is nothing that they could have done… OK, I already said that, but in this case, Ben wasn’t going to take charity in the approved manner and the conventional gestures were going to be ineffectual gestures.

    On another there is the romaticisation of poverty and homelessness as “tragedy” – that is something that’s awfuly sad, and something that’s purely individual and therefore nothing that anyone or any collective representation of the populace – you know , the state, the government, for whom we vote, to whom we pay taxes that don’t just go to consultants… but whatever, it’s a tragedy because ultimately, it’s intractible… there but by the grace of Milton Friedman and all that…

    Oh it’s so sad, what an iconic character and now he’s gone. What are we going to do before we find another iconic character?

    You know, we need to take this whole sitiuation really, really seriously. I’ve long been so cynical about John Key’s facile, overmanaged “smile and wave” persona when we’ve neglected the poor and just used them for shallow, facile media opportunities.

    We Need a Minister of Iconic Homeless People!

  2. Rhinocrates Says:

    That will show that we’re taking things seriously!

    Get out your thesauri! Look for synonyms of “seriously”!

    Don’t bother with that bloody stupid “shrine” on Courtney Place. Think of WORDS that matter. Real Words. WORDS that have STRENGTH and genuine COMMITMENT (TM).

    Say it!

    I CARE!


    Poverty MATTERS!

    Drug and alcohol abuse is a PLAGUE!

    Hang on,… Where are the CAMERAS!?

    … and who are the Inner City Ministry guys? My god, they have HOPELESSLY unfashionable haircuts…. let’s photograph the SHRINE! TV3, TVNZ have footage everyone by real, SERIOUS JOURNlSTS!

    Meanwhile, see

    Because WINZ is being cut back to doing nothing that calls attention to… what is it? sounds like “real estate”… realty… reality.

    What’s that word again?

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