Imaginary Geographies submission

I managed to rouse myself sufficiently to send a photo to the Imaginary Geographies lightbox exhibition:

The full-sized print is three metres tall! Towards the bottom, barely visible at this size, is an extremely game Anita photographing Neil Dawson’s ‘Ferns’:

The additional submissions they’ve received and the design brief are viewable here. Looking at the other entries, I think we have just a good a chance as anyone else at getting one of the four spaces. At least we’ve read the brief and our entry is the correct proportions, not just plucked from a portfolio. What do you think, dear reader?

Like many creative fields in New Zealand (and as opposed to, say, brain surgery), if you say you’re an artist, you’re an artist. I don’t have much to do with Wellington’s fine arts scene – it’s interesting to see that while there’s a large number of very talented people out there, there’s also one or two whose close friends have apparently never had the balls to tell them that they’re utterly, utterly dreadful at art, and they should give up and do something more constructive with their evident talent for self-promotion.

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