The Cape by Joe Hill & Zach Howard

The Cape
by Joe Hill & Zach Howard
IDW, 2010

A groundbreaking work from Central Library’s graphic novel collection -groundbreaking, because it’s a one-shot 22-page issue which has been catalogued, laminated and reinforced with transparent duct tape. Seriously, by the time a comic’s been library-proofed, it almost looks respectable. I can’t imagine paying $10 per month for each of these things, though. Can a “novel” be only 22 pages long?

The story is adapted by the writer of the excellent Locke & Key from his own short story, which is the perfect Twilight Zone length for a comic, although the subject matter is slightly unpleasant. Moody loser Eric discovers his childhood blankie, fashioned into a cape and decorated with one of his dead father’s military badges (everyone in this type of story has lost a father in Vietnam or Iraq) allows him to fly. That appears to be it so far, although I’m sure he does more in the subsequent series, because if you think about it, being able to fly is only useful if you enjoy windchill and traveling light.



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