The energy drink you have when you’ve bought the T-shirt

Seize Power

At last, an energy drink for political science majors! The main attraction of this attractively-designed can is a picture (well, that picture, really) of Che Guevara’s puss. On the back it says “All people should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from, and to, and why”, which is not a quote from Che, or even Jesse Owens, but a misquote from James Thurber. How can I disapprove of a drink which quotes a cartoonist on the back?

Designed, developed & delivered to revolutionise your performance, stimulate metabolism, increase concentration & reaction speed during periods of mental & physical effort. Overcomes tiredness & stress for drivers, athletes, students and Revolutionaries.

I wonder if they’d consider sponsoring the Arab Spring? It also urges you to “Seize Power with Taurine & Multi B Vitamins”, which is not advice you’d give to the Occupy movement, but a fine example of how revolution can be packaged and commodified to sell anything from T-shirts to running shoes.

On the plus side, it tastes quite nice.


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