Incredibly Hot Sex With Hideous People: The Book of the Zine by Bryce Galloway

Incredibly Hot Sex With Hideous People: The Book of the Zine
by Bryce Galloway
Clouds, 2011

The first issue of IHSWHP appeared in Wellington ten years ago as a photocopied A5 zine – this attractive paperback collects the best bits from the first 37 issues, up to 2007. Galloway writes that he began the zine as a covert way of plugging a solo album, and early issues include material typical of zines around the world: interviews with musicians, album reviews, found images and random bits of artwork. A big change in focus comes with news of his impending fatherhood, and the result is a touching account of the progression of a man from young-ish indie musician to MFA graduate, arts lecturer and father of two.

Galloway is unafraid to write pragmatically in 12 point Courier about the messy parts of life, such as vasectomies, haemorrhoids, childbirth and aging (although not in that order). When they’re older his daughters might not thank him for the graphic accounts of how they entered the world, but any family would be proud to have a record like this.

Other subjects that arise include his band Wendyhouse, the intricacies of academia and the art world, unsatisfying celebrity encounters, Nokia ringtones, cartoons, existential wobbles and coming to terms with his inadvertent position as the Iggy Pop of Wellington’s zine scene. Or the Pat Lawlor of the Noughties. Anyone in the future who is curious about the atmosphere of Wellington at the beginning of the 21st Century should start here.


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