Imaginary Geographies: the deflating conclusion

Well, the new Imaginary Geographies panels have gone up in Courtenay Place. I sent in my submission three weeks ago but never received a word of acknowledgement from the organizers, although they added a thumbnail to the website. They also never said when they’d make their selection, although they must’ve done so almost immediately, because those big digital prints take weeks to produce and the whole thing comes down in April anyway.

So I found out by walking past them this afternoon.

They chose four images from three artists, and while three of the images are excellent and look really good blown up to three metres high, the fourth is a low-res screen capture from Google Maps with Street View and is possibly the laziest piece of modern art I’ve ever seen in my life.

But what would I know?

UPDATE: The organizers have sent contributors a copy of the press release announcing the “selected artworks”, a day after it was posted on the website and five days after the panels went up.

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  1. David Thomsen Says:

    According to the write-up, they’re actually screen captures of video footage of a computer screen displaying Google Earth.

    The artist explains what she was feeling at the time as she was listening to The Shocking Pinks and watching video footage of herself browsing Google Earth, but I don’t think the casual passer-by is really going to pick this up from these mute images.

    If they could, I’d make a fortune selling pictures of myself listening to Ladytron at two in the morning while playing online sudoku.

  2. If they were nicely framed, you might have a goer there.

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