Just So You Know #1 by Joey Alison Sayers

Just So You Know #1
by Joey Alison Sayers
Self-published, 2009

A thoughtful and funny (Ignatz nominated) autobiographical minicomic where California cartoonist Sayers comes out as transsexual to her parents, and starts the transition to living as a woman. The process is often socially awkward, but Sayers has supportive friends and family (and an astonishingly understanding girlfriend) and is able to analyze her own life with a sense of humour.

This is a valuable attribute when you have to deal with ignorant and prejudiced jerks pretty much every day, although there isn’t much confrontation in this comic – her experience would be harder in pretty much any other state, country, or period of history. Her simple drawing style (round-headed characters with wedge-shaped mouths) complements her self-deprecating writing, and there’s a brief glossary of some of the more technical terms.


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