The Hidden by Richard Sala

The Hidden
by Richard Sala
Fantagraphics, 2011

A complex story in lovely watercolours (featuring Sala’s trademark dread) with a fatalistic and morbid conclusion, like a 1950s horror movie. I think it might be an allegory about how the super-rich have abandoned their side of the social contract, but it could also just be an excuse to draw nubile heroines battling super-zombies.

Four survivors of a mysterious apocalypse wander through a twisted wilderness until they discover a fortified diner run by the sinister Konrad Dippel. Have they reached shelter, or are the survivors destined to become spare parts for a new breed of undead superhumans? And does one of the survivors, an amnesiac professor, bear more responsibility for the apocalypse than he realizes? We find out… many pages of creepy corridors later.


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