Bigfoot by Pascal Girard

by Pascal Girard
Drawn & Quarterly, 2010

Jim’s life could be easier. His bratty best friend posted a video of him dancing on YouTube (under the title ‘Disco Jimmy’), and it’s become an internet sensation, causing him constant torment in his small French-Canadian hometown. To make things worse, his earnest uncle claims to have seen Bigfoot, and has a blurry cellphone video as proof.

He joins a drawing class to hang out with the Girl He Likes, and comes up with a plan to visit his uncle’s cabin so they can draw Bigfoot… will everything work out okay for Jimmy?

Will it, hell.

With simple and colourful drawings, Girard portrays the teenage condition as a perpetual agony of embarrassment – although if it were intended for teenage readers, its porn and screwing would be censored beyond belief.

In a nice D&Q touch, the endpapers show stills from the ‘Disco Jimmy’ video, so you can trace the hero’s uninhibited grooving yourself.


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