Theocracy by Theo MacDonald

by Theo MacDonald
Square Planet Comics, 2011

A smartly-produced run-through of the life (so far) of the genial author, who is currently a senior student at Wellington’s St. Pats. He represents himself as a blank-faced figure with angular glasses in a repeated head-and-shoulders shot, a format famously used by Scott McCloud to impart information about comics grammar, and used here to engage the reader in a pleasantly conversational series of lectures about his interests, which include Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick and Alice Cooper. There’s also his Unavailable Food Diagram of Wellington (with Pop Tarts at the top, a situation which has recently since been remedied) and a Color-by-Numbers Theo (with three colour scheme options – you are urged to buy three copies to try each of them out).

His writing is extremely honest without being indulgent or over-intimate, like Portnoy’s Complaint without the sexual neurosis, and points towards a career in standup comedy*. New work will be appearing in the Comics Generation exhibition at Thistle Hall from March 27th.

* Good standup comedy, that is. He would need to halve his I.Q. and become an aggressive, misogynist jerk to get on New Zealand TV.

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  1. Where do you get Pop Tarts in Wellington? I last saw them in Kirbies Candies at $3 EACH.

  2. They’re also being sold at Civic Video on Courtenay Place and in the sweet shop under the State Insurance Building. Not a bad markup from a buck each!

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