Same Difference by Derek Kirk Kim

Same Difference
by Derek Kirk Kim
First Second, 2011

When this was first published in 2003, it won an Eisner,Harvey and Ignatz award, which is, y’know, pretty good for a first book. Fortunately, it deserved to – it doesn’t expand the boundaries of the graphic novel format in any way, but it’s a good story well told, and sometimes that’s enough.

Unsuccessful precariat Simon regrets turning down an innocent invitation from a blind schoolfriend years earlier. His friend Jordan (something of a cipher) also feels guilty for answering mail from an ex-boyfriend of her apartment’s previous tenant. United by guilt, they set out to right things to the best of their limited abilities. The artwork is lovely and clear, the text is well laid out, it’s not showy or experimental… that’s about it, really!


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