Bouncer: The One-Armed Gunslinger by Jodorowsky & Boucq

Bouncer: The One-Armed Gunslinger
by Alexandro Jodorowsky & Francois Boucq
Humanoids, 2011

A meaty po-mo western of the sort that only Europeans can do. The artwork is suitably dense and gritty, none of the inhabitants of Barro City are particularly healthy or happy, and the ‘Bouncer’ himself, an accidental and romantically-unlucky hangman, isn’t exactly a bundle of laughs.

It’s a great American Gothic story though, with poisonous snakes, opium dens, gold claims and a sadistic dominatrix. It’s a bit exhausting at 176 pages, but certainly a treat for Sergio Leone (or late Clint Eastwood) fans.


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