Out of the Dusk by Joanna Langford

Out of the Dusk
by Joanna Langford
Wellington Sculpture Trust’s Four Plinths Sculpture Project

This installation has been up for a month now, with two years to go. Will it survive that long? The plinth sculpture series got off to a strong start four years ago with Regan Gentry’s humorous wire tree sculptures, then stumbled with Peter Trevelyn’s sadly non-kinetic Mimetic Brotherhood installation. The latest set of sculptures (formerly known as The Quietening) are made from wire and tattered wisps of silage wrapping sealed atop the massive plinths inside glass boxes, and look like concept models from Avatar, or a home-made playset for the Sylvanian Families. Already the plastic is bleaching from exposure to the sun – what’s it going to look like by 2014?

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  1. Good grief. Talk about emperors new clothes. A year in design, 3 months to make. No wonder Te papa is going to have funding cuts. Someone’s talking the piss.

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