Evelyn Evelyn by Palmer, Webley & von Buhler

Evelyn Evelyn: A Tragic Tale in Two Tomes
by Amanda Palmer, Jason Webley & Cynthia von Buhler
Dark Horse, 2011

A companion to the (creepy but fun) Evelyn Evelyn concept album, the tale of conjoined orphan twins who escape from a cruel traveling circus and become online superstars. This dark picture book (illustrated in morbid pastels by prolific artist von Buhler) covers the first half of the album and stops rather suddenly – I presume the rest is in Part Two*.

One for serious Amanda Palmer fans only  – as if there were any other kind.

*EDIT: Yes, of course it is. Well done, although there was absolutely no need (apart from lucre and symbolism) to split the book into two halves.

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  1. Also serious Jason Webley fans; the two categories do overlap quite a bit.

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