The drink for when lemons aren’t sciencey enough.

100 Plus

Unusually for a sports drink, this is quite refreshing, with a pleasant lemony taste. It’s made in Malaysia and has the amount of salt and sugar (about 6 teaspoons) you’d expect in an isotonic drink. The zeros in the logo are interlinked, which under new British laws “protecting” the Olympic brand is probably enough for a death sentence.

The ad copy on the can is remarkably free of hyperbole, although there’s a little diagram of a splayed man (with a blue torso and red legs – has he been dipped in lava?) with a raindrop wireframe behind him. You can almost hear the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Science!

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  1. Rhinocrates Says:

    “Science!” Remind me to break out my Thomas Dolby collection!

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