Goliath by Tom Gauld

by Tom Gauld
Drawn & Quarterly, 2011

The halpless Goliath is a paper-pusher for the Philistine army until an ambitious captain selects him for a mission of psychological intimidation against the opposing Israelites on the other side of the valley. The tall but mild administrator is given a suit of tacky ceremonial armour and forced to issue a challenge every day to the enemy. And so the month drags on…

With no company except for his young shieldbearer, Goliath begins to like it out in the wilderness. Unfortunately war demands results, and one day David emerges from the Israelite side with a sling and a rock.

Knowing how the story is going to end only adds to its pathos (see: Titanic) and Gauld has sketched out a wry, minimalist study of how bureaucracy and progress will screw you over every time.

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