Ratfist by Doug Tennapel

by Doug Tennapel
Image Comics, 2011

Poor Ratfist! Life takes a turn for the worse for this slightly unbalanced vigilante with disembodied Mickey Mouse ears when he breaks into a laboratory and is transformed into a giant human rat – when he has to wear a mask of himself to maintain his normal daytime identity, he becomes “a rat disguised as a rat disguised as a human”. There’s also the matter of the talking tail he uses to swing around the city (one of many jokes at the expense of Spider-Man), the space tiki who can cure cancer, and the grotesque Monkey Trout, who is prone to eye injuries.

This story first appeared as an ambitious 5-page-per-week webcomic and was only ever intended to be 150 pages long, which gives it a satisfying (and slightly sad) story arc. The only casualty of the frantic production rate is the frangible plot, but it zips along due to its exuberant brush artwork and consciously silly humour.

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