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Jitterati’s 500th episode! New Website!

Posted in Cartoon stuff, Jitterati, Utter Trivia on May 23, 2012 by brunswick

Just a heads up, I’ve started a new blog at The entire contents of this blog (including your pithy comments) has been transferred, and I’m adding my complete cartoon collection, which is 500 Jitterati cartoons, nearly a thousand Brunswick cartoons, and a bunch of other stuff. Basically everything I’ve drawn in the past twenty years.

The cartoons are larger and clearer that at the old archive sites. At the moment I’ve only processed this year’s Jitterati, but I’ll add everything else eventually. This website won’t be updated anymore! Go to the new site instead!


Listless in the Western suburbs

Posted in Utter Trivia on February 4, 2012 by brunswick

I walked to Wadestown today, which unfortunately meant walking the length of Courtenay Place after the first night of the Sevens. The entire street smelt like the floor of a Palmerston North student bar, soaked in pretty much every liquid that can be squeezed out of a human being while they’re having a good time. At 10am there were still dehydrated husks stumbling home, like zombies dressed up by bored children. There’s nothing wrong with having a party, but I don’t think the A & E staff saw much of the $15 million injected into the local economy.

I took the opportunity to detour through Kelburn, and discovered things had changed for the worse at my old flat. I didn’t go too far up the path, but observed that the thin layer of white paint they coated everything in back in September in hopes of a quick sale was not weathering well. I saw in a recent ad they’ve added $35,000 to the asking price, up from $500,000 when I moved in back in 2003, $600,00 when they tried again in 2010, and $650,000 a few months ago to $685,000. Yeah, that’ll work! There must come a point where property investment crosses the line from terminal economy-distorting nuisance to pathology – has greed ever been recognized as a mental illness?

It probably wasn’t the best day to visit Kelburn, it looked sullen and dingy under the grey skies, with recent layers of half-hearted graffiti and a worrying number of ‘For Sale’ signs. It probably looks great in the sunshine, though.


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Recent updates

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Scarlet by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story by Jeff Jensen & Jonathan Case

Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales adapted by Seymour Chwast

The Armed Garden and Other Stories by David B.

Baaa humbug

Life with Mr. Dangerous by Paul Hornschemeier

The authentic voice of the streets

Mr. Murder is Dead by Victor Quinaz & Brent Schoonover

Zombies Vs. Robots: Undercity by Chris Ryall & Mark Torres

Seven things I hate about Auckland

Auckland Art Gallery

La guerre des Post-it

Posted in Lovely pictures, Utter Trivia on December 8, 2011 by brunswick

Spotted in office windows above Capital on the Quay last week while sketching with Martin Doyle. This was the big thing in Paris this August, with bored office workers conducting La guerre des Post-it, as detailed in this Grauniad article.

Back to the old house

Posted in Utter Trivia on November 6, 2011 by brunswick

Today I crept up to my old flat in Kelburn to collect mail… only to find that the mailbox has now disappeared. And the long path has been properly graveled, eight years after promised. The builders appeared to have completely finished – there’s a brand new shiny deck, and the entire house is now a rather dull shade of brownish-cream, like a glossy coat of varnish on a rotten chocolate, or a desperate last-minute rider on an unattractive piece of legislation.

The new front door stood invitingly open. Dare I go up the path and have a look inside? Well, we all know what would’ve happened – it would’ve snapped shut, and that’s the last anyone would see of young Grant.

Courtenay Place Live Site Fanzone

Posted in Utter Trivia on October 9, 2011 by brunswick

At least two of the words in that official title are redundant.

Walking around the Courtenay Place Live Site Fanzone™ before the match yesterday was interesting – I haven’t walked down the middle of that street since the LOTR: Let’s Win All the Oscars premiere in 2003, and purposefully paused in the middle of the intersection of Courtenay Place and Tory Street – nice view!

They dismantled the Lightbox installations to prevent them blocking the view from the giant screen at one end* – there were supposed to be two, but the second turned out to be the disappointing little digital-watch-sized screen mounted on the front of the Embassy Theatre. At about three in the afternoon an interested crowd was already forming, corralled in by the bars who positively owned the sidewalk, swallowing it up completely like greedy little boozepushers with their branded fencing. It was amusing to see that The Mermaid was included in the Fanzone. Well, let’s be honest – it fits right in! They should’ve been allowed to expand out into the sidewalk as well – surely there’s room for a few poles and giant fishtank?

Despite the full stadium I don’t expect the fanzone would’ve been too crowded – the weather was too awful. A different story tonight, obviously – I can hear the drunken carousing from Mt. Vic right now. And it’s a school night tomorrow!

*How’s that for a metaphor for sports vs. the arts in the past few months?